random comic – DMZ tpb volume 5, “The Hidden War”

If you couldn’t already tell I’m a huge Brian Wood fan.  Ever since discovering DMZ I’ve become obsessed, I think he’s a phenomenal artist and a great writer.  I managed to get a bunch of his older stuff (Supermarket, The Couriers, and Couscous Express), the Channel Zero artbook (both in digital form for free online, and the actual book) over time, as I’ve slowly but surely been getting more serious not only about my writing and seeking out other great writers but also getting serious about comics in general.  Even his more fantastic works are grounded in realism (writing-wise) and his art is so fluid and drawing from everything from photorealism to tagging to punk rock flyer art, the covers to the trades of DMZ alone are works of art to me.

I got to see him speak and meet him briefly at the MoCCA thing back in June, and i was such a fucking nerd it was embarassing.  Tessa was with me and held her cool talking to him a second more than I did, I just sort of blubbered like a fanboy.  Which I am, I’ll admit to, but I’ve never really been like that.  I remember he was really amused by it.  Yesterday I finally got to pick up volume 5 of DMZ in trade form, The Hidden War.

The whole comic in general is great.  Volume 4, Friendly Fire, shook me to my core like whoa.  The Hidden War‘s a little different in that it deviates from Matty to focus on several other characters in shorts, but that doesn’t take away from anything at all.  Wilson, by the way, is my favorite character.

I know it totally sounds like I’m kissing ass but I just really like his work, something I can’t really say for most comic artists/writers.  Consistantly good stuff.  Fo’sho…


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