Throw the switch!

So the American version of the British show 11th Hour (which actually only lasted 4 episodes in the UK), starring what’s his name, the dude who was the evil prince in A Knight’s Tale, is apparently taking two steps back before it’s even aired, with the original pilot (concerning cloning and human reproduction) being replaced with;

“Agro” – When multiple cases of food-related paralysis are reported in northern California, Dr. Jacob Hood, Special Science Advisor to the FBI, is called upon to investigate, on the premiere of ELEVENTH HOUR, Thursday, Oct. 9 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network


Anyway, I read about this on and someone made an interesting point in the comments.

I am both weary and wary of the number of media in which science and scientists are portrayed as the bad guys.

A-fucking-men.  The initial show was about a scientific consultant working with the police on cases that involved abuses of science and technology, and starred Patrick Stewart.  You know, Picard!  The first episode of the American version, according to the spotlight/mini-feature/trailer I first saw, had to do with human cloning and a man trying to clone his dead infant son.  Granted the episode had the police discovering a mass grave of identical human babies, which triggers the need for our swarthy keen-eyed science hunk to come in and take a look-see.  But come on, there’s a lot worse shit on TV than a vague shot of not-seen dead babies in a hole in the ground.  Is it because the issue’s touching on the subject of…wait for it…


Holy shit, God forbid we hurt the feelings of some dumbfuck Bible-thumper who thinks dinosaur bones are a conspiracy of the Devil and the liberal Jewish elite.

So instead of a case dealing with cloning (soooo 1990’s, guys) we’re dealing with what’s probably gonna be some hippie in the woods and his genetically-modified “organic” crops or whatever.  So basically, genetically-modified foods is to blame.

You know what?  I’m sick too.  Sick of seeing science being blamed for stuff, sick of seeing science being viewed as naturally dangerous.  Rather than use this show (and maybe even the upcoming show Fringe, which is in a similar vein) to showcase some cool stories in a sci-fi vein like Eureka (a fantastic little show on the Sci-Fi Channel) we’re instead being treated to what’s going to be more “OH NOES! SCIENCE GON MADD BECAUSE ECKSPERIMUNTS!!” bullshit where obviously the main moral dilemma we’ll hear every episode is “Does having the means to do it mean we SHOULD????” *cue dramatic muzac*

Science is not the enemy.  Scientists are not your foes.  You know who are?  People who spew ignorance like Creationism and pro-life/anti-abortion drivel, not to mention deliberate misinformation mongers who’s misguided anti-liberal bias causes them to associate scientific process with their own fears and biases.

Where’s my TV show about the science brigade that uses actual science to solve real-world problems like hunger and communications and diseases and energy usage?  Oh wait, I forgot, it already exists and it’s called real life.  And while there’s people like Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy on the lookout to debunk bad science, we need more.

Support your local mad scientist.


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One Response to Throw the switch!

  1. kennedy121 says:

    “Holy shit, God forbid we hurt the feelings of some dumbfuck Bible-thumper who thinks dinosaur bones are a conspiracy of the Devil and the liberal Jewish elite.”

    Lol, nice post! Gotta say, I’m from the UK and never heard of this 11th hour show (and I watch a fair amount of tv!), so it’s must have come and gone pretty quick!

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