The world was deeply divided during the Cold War…the Cold War ended not because the world stood as one but because the great democracies came together, bound together by substained and decisive American leadership.” – John McCain

A quote pulled from a speech to some American Legion convention, in today’s NY Metro.  Do we really want trust issues being the root of American foreign policy?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…they should have left him in that bamboo cage where they found him.


“For 41 years we’ve lived in a state-sponsored culture of death that has killed five million children, and we’re now surprised that some of the surviving children have turned out violent with no regard for the sanctity of life?”The Rt Rev. Patrick O’Donoghue

Apparently the Yeungian concept of the collective unconscious has been proven, and the minds of aborted prom night mistakes drive the psyches of living youths to murder.  As opposed to stuff like shitty homes and bad economies.


“[A] full Boba Fett costume made out of bricks, including helmet, bracelets, utility belt, armor plates, rocket pack, and his laser rifle with obligatory LED light.”

The greatest usage of Lego, ever.


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