monster with the heads of a hundred fathers

I’m at work on a Friday, listening to Doomtree and the MC’s solo stuff online, reading Wired online and drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Well the coffee’s done now and I’ll be moving onto lunch soon (tacos!), but you get the picture.  I’m here late today, so I figure I’ll get some projects started.

“Even critics give Apple a pass on iPhone 3G woes”

Such a string of mishaps and missteps might throw another electronics company into crisis. But of course, Apple Inc. isn’t just another electronics company. Even as iPhone griping rages online, it looks like Apple’s sterling reputation will emerge untarnished.

The first and naively-obvious thing to come to mind?  “Oh gee, it’s like America!”  We’re constantly let down and yet, still make no radical shift in our consumer habits.  Everyone could go back to Blackberries and Dell or HP laptops and Zen or Microsoft Zune mp3 players, shift away from the cult of luxury fetishization.  Not in the “throw everything away” sense because to be honest, I like my stuff.  However, the views of Apple as the end-all be-all of luxury consumer electronics and essentials has reached an incredible level.  Maybe it’s because I don’t use any Apple stuff or just tend to revel in my un-hipness and general mish-mash of everything (you know the desire to be “matching” with a full complement of Apple gear from computer to phone to music player is a huge factor here), and also I know I’m totally on a bandwagon almost a decade too late, but what’s the big deal?  And am I the only one who totally sees this as reflective of government?  It fucks us over in all sorts of little and big ways, but it looks totally sweet, so whatever…

God, that sounded juvenile.

I’ll be in Philadelphia this weekend.


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