No evil shall escape my sight…

So io9 has some concept artwork up from the Green Lantern movie, from artist Brian Murray.

You can check it out all here.  It’s actually pretty incredible, especially this shot above which I’m assuming is Oa.  Apparently it’s a decent script too, so I’m a little bit excited.  I love the Green Lantern, I think it’s a great title with some phenomenal characters.  The script’s supposedly about Hal Jordan but they seem to be going with more of a Kyle Rayner look, which I can’t say I disagree with.  I know I’ll get flack for this but Kyle’s my favorite Lantern.

No offense but the white gloves are a little stupid.  Kyle’s rocking them now as part of his current costume in Green Lantern Corps, which is the only flaw in that phenomenal book. Anyway yeah, Hal’s the classic Green Lantern in attitude but also costume, supposedly in the title the costume’s a construct of the ring, the green and white actually radiate a comfortable warmth while the black is cold to the touch (but not to wear).  I don’t really get that and it’s actually something I haven’t seen mentioned at all in a while in Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps.  Anway, Hal Jordan…a classic GL costume but a little bit dated.  Hal can pull it off because A) it’s a comic book and B) he’s old-school and no one talks smack to the greatest Green Lantern, but in real life it’d probably look dumb.  And when I say real life, I mean on-screen.  And no, I don’t have an anti-white bias just because I wear a lot of black t-shirts.

Now here’s more the look I like, and a bit of inspiration to Murray’s take on the GL outfit.  Kyle’s been an artist since he was first introduced, making him probably one of the best-qualified Green Lanterns.

Kyle’s ring constructs are always amazing, giants and knights and robots and all sorts of stuff.  I probably also like him because he’s been described as a hopeless romantic, but that’s besides the point.  This is one of his costumes.  A little militant with the boots but arguably at one of the peaks of his power as a Green Lantern, but arguably one of his better looks.  Still a classic-esque looking GL outfit but just no white on it.  I always liked to think that Kyle’s imagination and constant doodling would lead him to being flexible to try new things out, new outfits.  I know some people would think the “extreme” costume aspect is a reflection of the 90’s and that’s partially true, but that doesn’t take away the image of Kyle as Ion with the starfield mask/face as he, almost godlike, floated through space.

And no, that’s not white on his chest, the lantern emblem is just glowing with power.  Jeez…n00bs…


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