Armor Wars

My dreams of Iron Man being a reality are one step closer in the long path to exoskeletal-enhanced soldiers.  At Defense, check out the US Military’s defined goals of what they hope to achieve in the fields of exoskeleton research and application.

The main issues, from what I can gather, are power and ruggedizing.  Without a dependable long-term and redundant power supply, you run the risks of being in the middle of one man loading tons of MRE’s onto a plane and the power failing in his arm servos and shit collapsing on him.  Never mind being in a firefight and reliant on a power source to provide the energy for the servos driving your joints for movement.  Ruggedizing is also important as practical applications (shit, applications in anything outside of a lab) demand being able to deal with terrain and other variables affecting performance and output.  If shit gums up and freezes from dirt and dust…you’re fucked.  Iron Man’s freezing problems at high altitudes in the film, anyone?

But yeah, geek moment.  Nothing to see here, move along…


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  1. joy says:

    yooooo, sweet blog, bra!

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