dedpule wuz hear…

I totally had this long thing going analyzing the visual evolution of Deadpool from his first introduction and design by Rob Liefeld to where he is now, since tomorrow heralds the release of the newest Deadpool series, which fans of DP and Cable & Deadpool have been slathering for.  Myself included.

I got lazy, it seemed sort of stupid to write because making fun of Liefeld’s artistic style is like beating a dead horse’s skeleton down to splinters.  We’ve all done it.  And really there’s no need to beat it down to splinters where there’s so many young minds out there who have yet to see the hideousness of his work in front of their faces and go “holy shit man, that’s what comics were like in the 1990’s?  No wonder it took so long to be recognized as a legitimate medium.”

But we were saved and Deadpool continued to be hilarious and make jokes about sex with Bea Arthur and how much he loved chimichunga’s and torturing his sidekick Weasel, and had a foray in buddy comedy with the time-strewn son of Summers, Cable.  It wasn’t at a “Two & A Half Men” level of televised comedic gold, but man, when a ruthless mercenary and assassin from Canada who has a history of violent mental illness becomes BFF’s with a messianic psychic warrior from the future whose actually born in the past and works his own mysterious agenda on the world, how can you go wrong?  And don’t forget the oft-lost but always-good UDON-drawn action with the likes of Taskmaster and Agent X, a practically comedic comic dream team, in Agency X.  Which, I believe, was written by the phenomenal Gail Simone.

And now, he’ll be saving humanity from shape-shifting reptilian alien invaders bent on a religious quest of conquest and destruction.  Best part of Marvel’s Secret Invasion?  I think so!  HOORAY!  WHO WANTS PANCAKES, MOTHERFUCKER?

I might have to try and pick Deadpool #1 up this week…I haven’t been a floppies guy in a while but I might make an exception here.  I mean, the man’s got guns and swords and no sense of morality and the greatest sense of humor ever.  He tortured an old woman for years in his hideout to satisfy some sort of mother/grandmother issues he had, the worst of which was getting her a dog that slobbered and peed all the time.

Ahh Blind Al, we miss thee…


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