I’m the goddamn Batman

Funnybook Babylon and a special Lying In The Gutters at Comic Book Resources are reporting that recent issues of All-Star Batman & Robin are supposed to destroyed and replacements will be sent soon, because of language or something.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Isn’t that the comic where Batman swears a lot, fucked Black Canary in the rain on the docks, and threatened to beat up Dick Grayson?”

Why yes.  Yes, it is.  Frank Miller…man, you used to be cool.

Anyway, supposedly the censored profanity of the comic in this particular issue didn’t totally…censor, or whatever.  The lettering of the text is richer than the ink used for the censorship bars.  As to how this managed to get by someone when they’ve done a bunch of issues of this shitfest comic…I don’t know.

Whatever, it’s sort of funny to see CUNT said a dozen times about Barbara Gordon for some reason.  Also, her skateboarding.


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