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The San Francisco Chronicle is canceling a bunch of comic strips in the paper to save money, and their biggest one, Dilbert, is being moved to a strictly Sunday run.  How could you do this to Sherman’s Lagoon, oh cruel economy?!  I remember reading this strip a lot.  I think my first big experience with comics was newspaper strips.  Garfield and Dilbert and Doonesbury and The Far Side…man, good stuff.  I’m sort of sad that my Gary Larson books are packed up in a box somewhere between New York and the western coast of Turkey.

And I know that I live in New York and this has nothing to do with me, but I felt like writing about something today and it’s also, at least to me, an indication of things to come.  Print media’s gonna have to drastically change in order to survive and while I’m not totally a pro-digital only comics, I do think that the model needs to be looked at differently.  Not for strips, but for print media in general.  It’s unfortunate that comic strips are being viewed as necessary collateral in print’s attempts to survive, when what they should really be doing is trying to adapt instead.

Good luck trying to convince people of that.


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