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You can hear a song from the FINALLY FUCKING COMING OUT new Dillinger Four record, C I V I L W A R, here.  It’s called “America’s Premiere Faith Based Initiative”. Honestly?  It’s not really that good.  And even more honestly?  Even if it blew anything off of Midwestern Songs Of The Americas out of the water, I wouldn’t care.  Because it’s been a long fucking time and even though I’m not one of those “bands owe you stuff” types, I’m still smarting at the fact that it was announced as “coming out” like two years ago.  If it wasn’t gonna be coming out for a long time, don’t say it will.  It’s only funny if the punchline’s actually worth it…if I hear the whole thing of C I V I L W A R and it’s better than this song, then maybe I’ll change my mind and go back to thinking of D4 as one of the greatest bands ever.

Unsurprisingly, John McCain changes direction mid-stream on stem cells.  No one cares because we all know he’s a fucking idiot and a pandering dick who monopolizes off of his time as a POW in Vietnam in order to garner sympathy votes and bullshit patriotism scene credibility and only picked a female VP candidate so she could play the feminism and sexual discrimination cards that the GOP played against Hillary Clinton to her advantage and garner female Dem voters who are harboring racial prejudices.  Wow, was that all one sentence?  In fact…Brian Wood points you to an essay by Tim Wise about JUST THAT SORT OF SHIT… has a few…interesting…words about a recent dilemma Bitch Magazine is facing.  And it’s unleashed an interesting response from the active Jezebel community.  Which if you think about it, is a rational reaction because you’re talking about two completely different places on the spectrum of 21st-century publishing talking about each other, with Jez coming from web-based journalism and blogging, while Bitch stems from a non-commercial ‘zine culture.  And while I might loudly declare that I personally can’t wait to sell out, I think it’s unfair to view consistantly radical publication as not only immature but also outdated.  It’s that sort of shit that killed Punk Planet.  I’m not saying Jez should redact, but instead try to understand.  Though I’m not putting Bitch entirely in the clear here, because if you DO want to survive and propagate radical underground publishing/journalistic culture, then there are inevitable evolutions that you’re gonna have to get to, soon.


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