We make our own homes

I bought some more comics on Monday.  I wanted the big Local hardcover, which I swear is out, but didn’t find it.  I got the Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze trade (volume 1 of Global Frequency), the complete DEMO series in trade, Channel Zero, and Channel Zero: Jennie One.  Basically I satiated my Brian Wood fanboy-ishness and got some Warren Ellis too just to vary the mix up a bit.  I know I seem obsessed but I swear, it’s only because Wood’s fucking phenomenal and Ellis is…well, Ellis.  Which doesn’t mean anything if you don’t read comic books, but he’s a fantastic writer who’s been behind some incredible titles like Transmetropolitan, which kind of blew my mind a little bit.  Also, he’s British, which is like, plus 200 points.

And yes, I have read them all by now.  I read fast, get over it.

I know I’ve been slacking off on “Tracking”, but whatever.  It might make a resurgence in some form, the idea’s something I really like.  I have a few things coming up that I’ll be announcing soon, one of which will involve knife-fighting monkeys and a dingy basement somewhere in this deadly city where a man and his money can be easily separated, the odds balanced on the edge of a sushi-cutting knife being wielded by a heavily tattooed albino gibbon.

Also don’t forget Late Night Wallflower, and now also Toxic Shock TV for all my moderately edited rantings and ravings on music news, music industry crap, tv and film news, and other shit that’s actually newsworthy as opposed to the drivel I normally post on here.


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