Album Tales – “End Hits”

I was sitting around in Philadelphia with my family at one point and for some reason put this on the stereo.  Like, for everyone else to listen to along with me.  I don’t know what came over me.

It’s an interesting album, and the first Fugazi record that I bought.  In hindsight, it probably was a huge risk.  It’s so far from anything I was listening to at the time that I didn’t really have much beyond a vague understanding of just who Fugazi were.  Seeing as how my choices in the record store were this and The Argument, I went with the time-honored punk rock tradition of “the earlier stuff is better”.  And at the time, the record store was treating me good.  I don’t know if you remember my Black Flag story but it was a place of brilliant hidden treasures, Flag and Threat and the Brains and DK…so I took the plunge.  You all remember taking risks on bands based just on their names, recommendations, and album covers, don’t you?

I really can’t accurately describe Fugazi, I don’t think anyone can.  Since then I’ve gotten better at trying and they’re slowly working at becoming my all-time favorite band, but at that time?  It was like a whole new experience for me, discovering music again almost.

That time in my grandfather’s apartment in Philadelphia visiting for a holiday, the subtle hidden power of Fugazi probably freaked them out a bit.  One of my favorite songs of all times, “Five Corporations” is on this record.  When that record came on and that song played, the first thing out of her mouth?

“Well that’s…interesting.”

Considering how she also once told me when I was a teenager “I never understood that punk stuff, I always hated it”, that’s actually sort of a great compliment.

I don’t know why I always have it around, but it’s one of THOSE albums for me.  And that visual of sitting on the floor of that apartment with my mother on the couch, both of us listening to Ian and Guy sing and yell and evoke power and passion…I think I’ll probably always remember that.


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