Mark Millar, ladies and gentlemen.  You remember, the guy who wrote Wanted?  Well here he is in his glory, c/o io9.com.  Hating on nerds even while taking their dollars.  And even having the balls to use a Watchmen reference;

And for what? To see how the universe might have begun? Who gives a fuck? 5 billion pounds on a scientific folly when old people can’t afford to heat their homes or kids are starving? Get outta here, egg-head! I don’t care about dark matter, dark energy or even other dimensions. Best case scenario is we’re sucked into a black hole, every atom in our body screaming as we die in a nano-second. Worst case scenario we’re in The Mist or Cloverfield as Lovecraftian mofos come through this doorway and munch their way through us. Europeans creep me out, but none more so than Euro-SCIENTISTS. I declare a Jihad on all these boffins who risk reality itself in the name of their curiosity. No wonder Pol Pot killed everyone who wore glasses. At least you know where you are with bullies and jocks!!

You wanna make Watchmen jokes?  Way to go being a delusional, self-absorbed, right-wing reactionary asshole.

And to think people fucking gobble his shit up.  Wanted, Kick-Ass, and now War Heroes, which is only on its second issue but already has Hollywood buzz, supposedly.

You’d think that people working in comic books wouldn’t be anti-science bullies and crackpots who are susceptible to bullshit sensationalism, but then again when your entire catalog is mostly built on bullshit sensationalism I guess no point in ever learning anything new.  You think wasting money on science is stupid?  How about wasting money on making movies or even worse, on a war we’re losing dollars and lives and gallons of blood in?

Here’s an idea.  Take all the money you made off of that shitfest movie “Wanted” and are probably going to make off of the “Kick-Ass” film and donate it to charity.  Every goddamn cent, including future royalties.  Make sure it goes towards those old people you talk about.

Then when SCIENCE figures out alternative energy sources that can heat a million homes for the cost of a crate of comic books, throw yourself off a cliff.  And yeah, I know he wrote a majority of Marvel’s Civil War which I’m in the minority of thinking wasn’t really THAT bad despite being kind of uneven, but honestly, Millar’s overrated.

And with this little “angry” rant no different than the right-wing bigoted bullshit masqueraded as “un-PC truth” by whoremongers like you see on Fox News and MSNBC, he’s also officially un-fucking-believable.


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