I love sandwiches

And while we might have dictionary references and comparisons to media in film and TV and literary franchises, a truly academic definition of the term is difficult to pin down. Therefore when we work with the concept in analysis we must strive first and foremost to define it.

It sucked because I was Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees and he was a badass because when the management wanted Don to cut his hair, he said “no thanks” and kept his weird mullet and moustache. He was badass, he was hardcore, he stood up to The Man.

Moving on…

I always feel the need to somehow share with any chumps who read what my “work area” looks like at any given time.  So, here you go, ya vultures.  A blurry digital photo of what the desk looks like right now, or in general over the past few months.  Soon though it’ll be getting a bit of a change-up, and I might have another announcement soon, not totally sure.  We’ll see.  It’s gonna be a busy couple of months.


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