Random Record Review – Memorial, “The Creative Process/Berlin”


“The Creative Process/Berlin”

Flight Plan Records, 2008

WHITE FUCKING VINYL.  I don’t even collect vinyl and I creamed my jeans getting this from the awesome dudes of Beartrap PR.

OK so I got this in the mail and was stoked.  Here’s how the train goes…Pete, who sings and plays guitar in Richmond VA’s Memorial, was also the singer/guitarist for post-hardcore forgotten gems Renee Heartfelt.  Renee Heartfelt are probably best known these days for being the band that more or less gave us Cloak/Dagger in a roundabout way.  That doesn’t really have much to do with anything except set a stage here.

Renee Heartfelt were a phenomenal, atmospheric, and very ambient post-hardcore band.  Memorial take the formula of RH and somehow make it even better, with soaring vocals and strong powerful songs that somehow manage not to sound aggressive, for lack of a better way to describe them.  They aren’t negative in any way.  Instead you’re left with a sense of…shit, of inspiration, for lack of a better word.

This is the band that I really love these days, that makes me feel good about music and revives my hopes about independent music.  Good solid emotional music drawing from punk, hardcore, emo, and post-hardcore, but standing out.  If I had to make comparisons, it’d be to Texas Is The Reason, Quicksand and Rival Schools, Sparta, bands like that.

So yeah…go and get this.  It’s seriously fucking good.


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