scientific progress goes “boink”

SO…this goddamn corner on my laptop has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now, every time I close the laptop it creaks and threatens to crack and split on me but never does.  It’s terrifying and nerve-wracking and infuriating because I kinda really like this laptop, of the various I’ve used and and two that I’ve owned this one’s probably the best.  It looks quiet and nice and hidden here but that’s because the screen’s up and it’s fucking with you, just like it fucks with me.

Went comic book shopping;

FINALLY got Brian Wood‘s Local combined hardcover collection, volumes #1-#12 from Oni Press.  Also, Warren Ellis‘s volume 2 of Global Frequency, “Detonation Radio” on Wildstorm, and volume 2 of the new Iron Fist series trades, “The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven” by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker from Marvel.  Elli’s Global Frequency is probably best described as a science-heavy/borderline sci-fi espionage series I really like and is nice and neat and a little bit believable, and Fraction’s run on Iron Fist totally blew me away with magical kung-fu ass-kicking.  I didn’t see volume 1, “The Last Iron Fist Story”, which he also did and is really great which segwayed into volume 2, at the store, but it’s ok.

Anyway it’s a gread stash of stuff and I’m stoked regardless.  All of them are fantastic and the Local is HUGE but so worth it.  I really can’t say enough about Wood’s work, so I’m just gonna stop now.  Read stuff by Fraction, Wood, and Ellis.  NOW!

Speaking of comics…

Check out a quick preview of JOKER the graphic novel by Brian Azzarello here.  Looks pretty good and for some reason I realized that I saw preview art for this over a year ago in “Wizard”, right about the time stuff started to leak from “The Dark Knight” film.  Which, when you see Lee Bermejo and Mick Gray’s art and their take on the Joker, you’ll understand why I mention that.  I normally am really picky about my Batman stuff, especially now with Final Crisis and Batman: RIP going on, but this looks like it could be really good.

More comics stuff…you can tell what I’ve had on my mind the past week or so;

Probably not a traditional comic/graphic novel, but I’ve been re-reading Hunter S. Thompson’s The Curse of Lono, a short book with lots of art by Ralph Steadman and interspersed with citations/quotes from various writings about Captain Cook and Hawaii.  Don’t ask how I have an original 1983 edition, I just do.  And the more I think about it, the more I do think of it as a cool mutant cousin of “conventional” graphic novels.  In the end, always awesome and probably just as powerful at re-inspiring me as reading Wood’s stuff or listening to Fugazi and Hot Water Music.

I’ve probably come to the realization that Calvin And Hobbes is, in the end, my favorite comic of all time.  Beyond Breathed, beyond Wood, beyond Fraction and Trudeau and Larson and Simone , there’s Bill Watterson’s Calvin And Hobbes.  I don’t know what it is about it, I don’t really think there IS one specific thing about it that appeals to me.  The whole package of youth and chaos and subtle philosophy and criticism on cultural trends and environmentalism, the simplicity of the panels and art and Watterson’s conveyance of action in black and white, it’s all just, just really good.

I firmly belive that in the end Calvin did grow up to write stories and comics and maybe travel, to come back to his home, to Hobbes on a bookshelf somewhere or on a bed, waiting for him.  Or maybe in the arms of another kid in a striped shirt and spiky hair, to have adventures that every kid has and wants to have in the woods and yards and sidewalks where imagination is all you ever really need and you’re a little smarter than people think, just not in any “conventional” way.

There’s a doodle on a Post-It of Deadshot, that really sucks, on the desk.  Where the hell did this come from?


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