all the rogues

Is Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse ever going to come out?  Not that I give a shit but I read‘s Daily Spoilers feature every day and almost every single time there’s a spoiler to it out.  I’m totally fucking sick of it.  Fuck Whedon, fuck Buffy, and fuck Serenity/Firefly. Taking so long to finish Astonishing X-Men the past few years after talking up how stoked he was to be doing it, definitely didn’t help either, despite how much everyone liked him on it.  Spoiler blah blah…killing Kitty Pryde was sort of pointless and I don’t think it’s as awesome as people think it was, or as he probably thought it was.

I had a tirade about how awesome the AROUND COMICS podcast is but I’m tired and behind on work apparently.  Suffice to say it’s really cool, check it out.  It’s weekly.

I hope you all get the flu.  Yes, I’m bitter that everyone I know is sick in some way with the flu or a bad cold.


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