Random Record Review – Lipona, “Atlas”





Weird name, I’ll give them that.  But Atlas, my Florida’s Lipona, is a great little record, certainly not reinventing the wheel by any means but that’s not really an issue here.  Even though the whole thing seems to loose a dash of steam about halfway through, this is definitely in the vein of Static Radio‘s latest release or the last few records by Small Brown Bike.  I hesitate to say it, but it’s mature punk rock for punks that grew up and didn’t want to totally give up and fall into the trap of bland and soft indie music.  They just learned their chops and figured out how to write some pretty awesome hardcore punk songs.

It’s a little slick-sounding but you can’t really hold that against Lipona, I mean it’s pretty easy to get your hands on some good homemade production software.  It’s fast, furious, and introspective in the right places without being too brooding.  Atlas is shaping up to have a shit load of plays in my record player, I ‘ve already listened to it about three times this past weekend.  There really isn’t any testament to how good a record is than that, to be honest.


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