the violent youth

Got some new headphones…same model as my old ones but hey, $10!  Plus, found this with a bargain sticker on it while I was at it.  Still Screaming/This Side Up by Scream.  You cannot really top 80’s DC hardcore.

I’ve been re-reading old back issues of Punk Planet for some reason these days.  Man, I miss that magazine.  Just a great magazine, great coverage of a ton of stuff that I really liked and discovered that I liked.  I discovered Joe Meno through Punk Planet.  Thinking about it, it was trying to get a job writing for Punk Planet that more or less kinda spurred my “career”, as it were, in writing.  It’s a shame they folded, there really won’t ever be a magazine like that ever again.

OK time to make some hot chocolate and get back to work.  It’s cold as shit, peace.


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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