“Hello, old friend” (Thor #11)

Before anything…

I’ve realized I don’t really like talking about politics anymore.  It just makes me mad and I get angry and just make myself feel sick because I know I’m not gonna convince anyone and all I did is remind myself that there are people out there doing things that I don’t agree with but still have the political power to do so.  If you know me you know just how I feel about specific issues, and God knows there are enough people on the internet talking about politics, so whatever. Besides, taking a look back on other stuff I’ve said, combined with the general air of where I show up on the internet and looking at the non-political stuff I mention as influences should be indication enough about where I stand on things.

SO YEAH ANYWAY…I got a chance to see the ending of the latest issue of Thor, wherein the Thunder God visits an old friend, in a fashion;

Holy shit, incredible.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone (for once), so I’m just gonna leave it at this image for right now, which in the end doesn’t really give anything away.  A smart and thoughtful and emotional ending that in the end, is oddly (but not in a bad way) political.  Probably one of the only times that I’ve actually thought that a capes-n-tights comic was being political without sucking.  The recent Captain America‘s been sort of political in it’s own way I guess, and of course I read DMZ and THAT’S political…but this is a little different.

Without giving too much away, consider it a discourse about an icon and the difference between the icon of America, the power of the imagery that is the American Dream, and the harsh realities not of America itself but rather those who feel that the icon is a tool to be used.  And that in the end the icon is unfortunately, always at risk of being usurped like that, to be used but misrepresented in order to spread agendas.

And in the ever-fading shadow of a dead idol, of a man who struggled to maintain the purity of that icon, who struggled with being seen as that icon, it’s important to step back and realize that we’re all worthy of not only mourning but also remembering.  Captain America (Steve Rodgers, not the Ultimates one, not some alternate reality one, and not the newest one, Bucky Barnes, who I like but that’s another topic) deserves more than to just be an icon to be used, he deserves to be remembered for who he was and what he stood for, not just used as an image.

And it was good to see someone remember him like that, like he deserves.  As a man and a friend.

The conclusion here?  Fuck Moby.


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