Pet Snuggles Of Death

Spoilers about various Green Lantern stuff…

So I’m a Green Lantern fan, and really really stoked about the upcoming “War of the Light” and “Blackest Night” storyline.  The concept of multiple Lantern Corps engaging in war, expanding on concepts set up in Green Lantern after the Sinestro Corps War (and arguably all the way back to “Green Lantern: Rebirth”, which I’ve been thinking about lately).

So beyond the Green Lantern Corps and the yellow Sinestro Corps, we’ve recently been introduced to several other new Corps, the blue hope-powered Lanterns, and the somewhat controversial (but a great idea in my mind) rage-powered Red Lanterns, led by the demonic Atrocitus.  The best member of the Red Lanterns so far?


I really don’t know why but this is just hilarious on so many levels.


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