Gimme some sugar

So around 830 last night Tessa and I headed out to the Sunshine Theater downtown, to go to a screening and Q&A of Bruce Campbell’s My Name Is Bruce, with the man himself introducing the movie and then talking to us afterwords, Bruce Campbell.

Thinking we were gonna be super early and getting our choice pick of seats, we got there about 20 minutes early, only to find that there was a significant crowd, including Gallagher.  Technically some guy dressed up as him, but whatever.

The trains were crawling with weirdos and drunk assholes, moreso than usual because apparently Halloween is one of those “lightweight” days like St Patrick’s day in NYC when people seem to think it’s the only day of year they’re allowed to have fun, so why bother showing restraint?  DRINKING ON THE SUBWAYS FOR EVERYONE!

Regardless, we got into the theater and got some seats, I got my popcorn, The Man came out and introduced the movie, and off we go!  My Name Is Bruce is basically an version of him “that stayed in Hollywood 10 years too long” according to Campbell, roped into actually fighting a monster in a town called Gold Lick, all the while thinking that it’s a role.

It’s hilarious.  There really isn’t any other way to describe it, it’s a great movie that if you manage to get a chance to see, do it.  Especially if you’re a fan of The Chin.  I know that the concept of B-Movie actors ending up in “real” situations that mimic their movies isn’t TOTALLY new, but there’s something about Bruce Campbell that I love, that Tess loves too.  Perhaps because he embraces his cult status correctly, knowing that in the end it’s not only about never taking it seriously (not even cult status) but that it’s about fans.  The “freaks” as he said several times last night during the questions.  I may have asked a jokey question about his role in Xena and The Adventures of Hercules.  He traded his shirt to someone.

Besides the movie itself?  During the post-film Q&A, probably one of the coolest things ever happened.  One guy a few rows back from the two of us asked “this isn’t so much a question as a statement,” turned to his girlfriend next to him, and said “With Bruce Campbell as my witness, will you marry me?”

Of course she said yes.  How do you not say yes?  It was a great little moment that apparently blew Campbell’s mind and made all of us cheer.  It was all in all, probably one of the best ways to spend Halloween ever.  With all the stripper-fied costumes and dudes in annoying pirate outfits and zombie makeup and yes, even people in Sarah Palin costumes (which made me want to push them into traffic), we did what we love to do;

Go see an awesome movie, nerd out, and feel a little bit inspired knowing that if someone as cool and down-to-Earth as Bruce Campbell can carve out a niche for himself that he loves in life, then we can too.  Groovy.


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