random comic – Green Lantern #25

glissue25 I got this about the time that I was really getting back into comics again seriously.  The finale of the “Sinestro Corps War” storyline that’d been running in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps…holy  shit.

So if you don’t know, Sinestro is a longtime Green Lantern villain, a former GL turned despot of his home planet, he turns towards the power of fear and the backing of the evil Anti-Matter Universe when he is discovered and expelled from the Corps.  He returns at the head of his own Corps/army in this storyline, intent on spreading the doctrine of fear versus the courge and willpower of the Green Lanterns, and heralding the return of the dreaded supervillains the matter-consuming Anti-Monitor and fear-mongering, primordial being Parrelax.  The Sinestro Corps are beings capable of instilling crippling fear and allied with the robotic Manhunters, the tide looks pretty fucking grim.  The Green Lanterns Corps has rallied.

Ethan Van Scriver…holy fucking shit.  The opening pages of this issue blew me away.  But anyway…I was flipping through this on the can a few days ago and came across what I remembered as being my favorite part of the whole thing, and I felt that tightening in my chest because it’s so incredible.  I don’t wanna give it TOTALLY away if you haven’t read it (though you should have!), but it involves Hal and Kyle trying to evacuate Coast City and the love that the people of Coast have for the Lanterns.

It’s a truly incredible like, 4 pages of comic that just embodies what I really love about Green Lantern.  It’s a title and a character about eternal optimism, about courage and light and not backing down.  I know that a huge part of the appeal of characters like Batman and Wolverine is that they’re dark and “unconventional” heroes who are gritty and all that shit, but there’s something about honest-to-goodness standing-in-the-light heroes here that I’m lovin’.

“Hell of a town”.

OK, geek moment over.


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