Random Record Review – The Color Wheels, “The Color Wheels”


The Color Wheels

The Color Wheels

Viper Bite Records 2008

The Color Wheels, a husband and wife duo who the dude half is Jon Sebastian,  also in Paper the Operator and apparently some sort of hot shit in indie music from Poughkeepsie, NY I think, are the latest band to stumble across my desk.

I liked the Paper The Operator album, I thought it was a nice little pop-rock record that didn’t sound flat and weak, nor did it try to get too “deep” with dillusions of grandeur and whatnot.  But when The Color Wheels started singing about weenie roasts and I realized that the riffs all sort of sounded the same, it just failed to click with me, like it’d gone that extra unnecessary step over the line of “this is sort of hip and poppy and cheesy”, a fine line that not a lot of bands can navigate.

I’m sure there are fans of this out there.  I’m just not one of them unfortunately.  But if you’re into jangly and almost diabetically-upbeat guitar-driven pop, then check ’em out.


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