into you like a train

I swore I’d do some rewriting and stuff today…but first;

Blake Schwarzenbach’s new band, The Thorns Of Life, played a show apparently.  Wow that video sounds like shit, but the songs actually sound good.  And while a part of me is flipping the shit out since well, JAWBREAKER MOFO’S and all that, I can’t help thinking that the biggest and funniest joke would be him never recording with this band, just playing around occasionally.  But then again, I hate the punks and whatnot, so what do I know about funny.


The first official trailer for the new Star Trek movie’s out.  And I have to say…not bad.  But then again I don’t really hold the Trek franchise that sacred really, having been more of a Star Wars fan myself.  We’ll see, I actually sort of have faith in this cast, especially Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zach Quinto, and John Cho.  When I heard about the casting initially, I was surprised that a conventional “Young Hollywood” cast didn’t get thrown at it, so yeah Trekkies, I have a dash of hope.


OK, back to work now, I promise.  I’m closing in on the finish line.  Then Philly this weekend to see some family, and for the Thanksgiving holidays I’ll be visiting Ohio with Tessa.  Stoked.


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