Random Record Review – La Dispute, “Somewhere At The Bottom…”


La Dispute

Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair (2008)

No Sleep Records

Uhm, ok.  So it’s At The Drive-In…no, it’s Rise Against…shit, I give up.

I’m sorry.  I try, I swear.  I really do.  The ridiculously long and almost-nonsensical album name didn’t even stand in my way.   But goddamn if this doesn’t sound like leftover scraps from both aforementioned bands strung together in a bastardized Nth-wave emotional post-hardcore band that still hangs onto breakdowns and sing-alongs so that all the merch-buying hardcore boys don’t totally stop listening to them.

It’s not outright bad, but…I hate to say this because unfortunately it sounds really fucking mean, but it’s really bland and generic.  This won’t end up on my shelf or on my computer’s music player, I’ve got a dozen or so albums by bands that sound just the same and better already floating around my place, and there are probably way more out there playing and recording and putting out CD’s.  If there was a little more originality in here, not to mention some audible bass guitar and not just lots of intricate guitar noodling, then La Dispute could definitely have some great potential.  Otherwise, pass.  Sorry.


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