Random Record Review – Shuteye Unison, “Shuteye Unison”


Shuteye Unison

Shuteye Unison (2008)

Parks And Records

So I got this in the mail and it sat on my desk for a week.  It’s a busy time for me, and as I write this in fact I’m dragging my way through a work day before leaving for a short holiday vacation tomorrow. Sorry it took me a while to get to this.

ANYWAY, Shuteye Unison‘s S/T album drifted through my headphones the first time and I have to say, I was impressed right off the bat.  It’s an ambitious attempt that, even though at a certain point it definitely gets a little grandiose, is soft, ambient and intricate, to the point that I could definitely trick myself into thinking it was actually a soundtrack to a rainy morning as I waited for the subway to go to work.  It’s an interesting record and definitely in the upper-crust of soft experimental-influenced indie music.  It’s like an extremely melodic Fugazi-esque sound, with intricate guitar and bass lines that don’t sound like pissant music school nerd noodling, which is something that I definitely appreciate.

In general I’d push this around if you’re into almost sadly beautiful and ambient music without too much technicality.  The vocals are sparse but it’s not instrumental, the songs can be long but not ridiculously so.  It’s not a top favorite of mine but it definitely made me stop for a second and go “whoa”.


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