sunday mornings

Because it’s Sunday and I felt like writing something;

Marvel’s Secret Invasion?  I’ll give it a 7 out of 10.  Some of it was definitely anti-climatic and this Dark Reign shit looks sort of pointless.  We’ll see.  However, Yu’s art has been fantastic and I think that had they trimmed some of the viral marketing stuff and marketed it better the reaction would have been all-round more positive.  Also, maybe a few plot strings could have been handled better (like the return of Mockingbird, though I didn’t necessarily think it was a totally bad idea).

DC’s Batman: RIP?  Ehh, maybe 7 out of 10 too.  While it totally could have been a great idea, you know that with “The Dark Knight” in theaters there’s no way DC would let it get interesting at all.  In the end after Batman: Last Rites and DC’s Final Crisis we’ll see how the whole thing turns out.  Maybe I’ll posthumously revise my opinion on it then.  Again, like SI, if it’d been marketed better and not necessarily tied into Final Crisis (I wouldn’t have done FC at all b ut hey, I don’t work at DC), it’d have been better received.

DC’s Final Crisis…no.  Keep Barry Allen dead.  Though I will say I like the “Resist” tie-in with Checkmate.  Serioulsy, I fucking hated that DC killed Bart Allen, are fucking with Wally West (by making him a different non-Flash hero with a new costume) just to suck up to the Golden Age fanboys with the return of Bart Allen, the “greatest Flash” blah blah blah.

As long as Vertigo keeps putting out DMZ and Marvel’s got The Immortal Iron Fist and Invincible Iron Man, I’ll be OK.  Maybe something from Marvel about Clint Barton, a one-shot or mini too, because honeslty I like him, even as Ronin.  All in all I’ll say that Marvel probably will come out on top by the end of the year after Final Crisis hits shelves.  They’ve got Iron Man, they don’t have a history of shitty “Crisis” crossovers and constantly “rebooting” their universe in major ways.

I should just stick to re-reading Doonesbury and Calvin And Hobbes.


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