It’s snowing outside here in New York.  It’s cold and wet and white and gray, the kind of weather that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with.

About this time last year I made the decision to transition from Livejournal to a “real” blogging site, barring a brief foray into posting random non-sequitur and non-linear snippets of writings on a blogspot site. I just got bored with that and decided it was unnecessary.

So tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of Fistfight At The Arthouse.  And even though it’s not really a “site”, more a mix of semi-professional asshat attempts at internet journalism and editorializing, and vicious and misanthropic personal blogging, I feel hesitant to point it out.  But with more than 13,000 total views since then and a few really great moments, it could be worse.  In fact, I’m gonna declare it a pretty bitching year in blogging online all-round.

Thanks to Chuck and Will from Beartrap PR for having faith in letting me do reviews of their bands’ albums here rather than at more established places, and for taking my viewpoint seriously.  Thanks to Pat Jarrett for letting me publish an interview with him here at Fistfight.  Thanks to Matt Wallflower as usual, and of course, my beautiful girlfriend Tessa.

The rest of you can drop off the edge of a cliff or whatever.


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