Random Record Review(s) – Driving On City Sidwalks, Boris Smile


Driving On City Sidewalks

Where Angels Crowd To Listen

Count Your Lucky Stars (2008 )

Uhm, ok.  Let’s see…so I really feel bad writing bad stuff about bands because I’m just a guy on the internet , so who am I to criticize their creative output, especially when most of mine is critical?  And yet, I sort of feel obligated to not seem like I’m kissing ass with everything and everyone that crosses my desk and path.  So here we go.

This album is already in the running for the worst album of 2009.  Light, spineless, and utterly nonsensical, I can barely hear anything through the speakers, as guitars and whispered vocals tweet out what I’m assuming are lyrics.  I’m not sure, because half the time the songs without vocals sound like they do with the ambient background noise going on.

I’m sure they’re cool dudes, but this 5-song offering from Driving On City Sidewalks really doesn’t do anything for me.  At all.



Boris Smile

Beartooth EP

Count Your Lucky Stars  (2008 )

It’s…well, it’s really warbly.  I don’t know if that’s on purpose or something.  It does get a little smoother as time goes on though, which unfortunately more or less puts me to sleep as all the songs on this EP start to sound the same, outside of the opener “Beartooth (Spooky Verson)”.

There really isn’t much to say here, it’s sort of bland and unoriginal indie music that could have some potential if if didn’t sound like a bunch of other bands I’ve already heard.  “Meh” is more or less the best way to describe it, though I will say that the artwork reminds me of the art from Mutiny by Set Your Goals, an album I DO like.  Sorry, different genre.

So there you go, two for the price of one.

Except now you probably think I’m just an even bigger bitter sack of shit than usual, bemoaning on how much I dislike modern indie music or music that isn’t Black Flag at all and how I’m just a dinosaur of the 90’s or whatever.


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3 Responses to Random Record Review(s) – Driving On City Sidwalks, Boris Smile

  1. Michael says:

    Aah, anyone who puts content out into the public becomes public domain when it comes to criticism. There will always be a lot of stuff printed, published, viewed and listened to that is crap, but if we all thought the same way, wouldn’t it be boring?

  2. your reviews we’re kind of weak don’t you think? you say nothing about the kind of music it is, nothing about the lyrics (for the songs that had some). All your reviews on these two albums really tell me is that you don’t like this style of music, which is fine, but kind of pointless to review music in whose style you can’t appreciate.

    in fact your reviews were so uninforming and helpful that i had to go listen to Boris Smile (already been listening to Driving on City Sidewalks) and I must say, its a phenominal sound, and I’m loving the album, so thanks for showing me some new music 🙂

  3. tim says:

    You are, without a doubt, the worst album reviewer i have ever read. All you ever say is, it isn’t my thing, it’s not good. You should feel bad, because your writing and reviewing skills are awful. If you are going to say something meaningful, say it. Don’t say, “I wish they were Black Flag”. I almost feel if you don’t like a band, they are worth checking out.


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