I owe more than you think to Jim Lee

So last week I was watching Men In Black on TV.  A few days before that I remember I was over at my folks’ place and going through a box of VHS tapes my brother had found, and amongst the taped TV Motley Crue and KISS concerts was Tim Burton’s Batman.  As a teenager growing up overseas, I watched what I could get, and one of my favorite movies, still to this day, was Alec Baldwin’s The Shadow.  I loved X-Men: The Animated series and Bruce Timm’s animated Batman series. I mean sure, 2000 brought us the live-action X-Men film, which was really cool, but there were more comic book adaptations before that that I realize a lot of people probably don’t.

Men In Black is actually (loosely) based on a comic from Aircel Comics, which ended up being acquired by Malibu Comics, then Marvel when Marvel bought Malibu.  There’s actually a trade paperback of the Marvel years out there I think, from like 1990.  And say what you want but I’ll watch the Blade movies if they’re on TV any day, that’s some good stuff.  If anything, those movies probably saved that freaking character from ending up in comic book limbo

I actually remember the animated version of the Image/Wildstorm comic Wildcats.


Actually the TV series was technically called WildC.A.T.s, whereas the comic itself has gone from WildC.A.T.S to WildCats ato Wildcats (hey, the spelling matters here), depending on the team lineup and writer/storyline.

This is what the characters look like now, post Wildstorm’s “World’s End” event, which is turning out pretty interesting, at least to me.  The Authority is turning out good too…sorry, off-track.  Another post for another time.


The comic has to do with a superhero team that began as a human force backed by the good aliens called Kherubim, to battle evil aliens called Daemonites. It’s since moved on from there and got pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned, creating among other things one of the more underrated comic book anti-heroes that I think could kick that Canuk Wolverin’s ass, Grifter.

I don’t know why it never got as much attention as the X-Men and Batman cartoons, because it’s opening sequence is way cheesier than the X-Men one.  I think it might have had to do with the fact that outside of the 90’s speculator market, the Saturday morning market was unsure of something that wasn’t based on one of the Big Two.  I mean they still crank out X-Men and Spiderman and Superman cartoons like they’re fucking dollar bills.

Whatever…I’m not bitter…just thinking back and wondering where I could get some Wildcats trades.  Even Alan fucking Moore has worked on this title.  ALAN MOORE!

I don’t get “mad”, I just think it’s really funny to think about how much people will analyze the so-called boom in comic book adaptations when it’s been going on for longer than people might think.  The 80’s and 90’s are littered with them, hiding as pilot episodes and TV movies and hidden gems on the shelves of Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.  I mean there are Captain Marvel and Superman adaptations from 1941!  1941, for Christ’s sake.

And now, to lighten the mood…the Japanese opening sequence for X-Men: The Animated Series.  Totally awesome.


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