Random Record Review(s) – Outclassed, Look Mexico, City Of Ships

LP obal vyseky na CD


This Could Be Coincidence…

Forcefield Records (2009)


Outclassed are insane.  A mix of Black Flag, Refused, and ugly fucking rage, This Could Be Coincidence… is a really good record.  Like, besides the almost ear-killing feedback scream that kicks it off and almost made me accidentally trip off the train platform this morning, a perfect anger-fuel collection of songs that just mix fast classic hardcore with a touch of flair and originality that really makes them own this shit.  I totally didn’t expect to fall in love with a record after two listens, but I did, in a totally non-bromance way.  And they’re from Pittsburgh, which is pretty sweet ’cause I hear good things about the bands in that town.



Look Mexico

Gasp Asp

Tiny Engines (2009)

I’ll admit to noting having been a Look Mexico fan before, and have been a little (justifiably so, I will still say) harsh on them.  Still, Gasp Asp is a little more mature and, dare I say, smooth and enjoyable than The Crucial Collection, leaning out of the “indie” bubble into straight pop, which I do like.  It’s upbeat and while (as you probably know) not really my style, I kinda dig this little 7-inch/EP.  If you’re a big fan of LM, then this is a really good addition to their discography.  If you’re just getting into their light and somewhat experimental pop sound with remnants of a pop-punk background, then still check this out.



City Of Ships

Live Free Or Don’t (Tour EP)

Forcefield Records (2009)

Chaotic, almost rambling and crashing, COS were desribed to me as being in the same vein as Planes Mistaken For Stars, and I can definitely hear that in there.  There’s a potential for some incredible music here, if they can just get a little bit tighter.  Otherwise, some very cool and very solid shit right here, an ambient and heavy sound with both nice, melodic vocals and bloodthirsty roars in the right places.  I give it two knawed-on thumbs up.  Oh hell, I’ll go dig up that body I buried in my landlady’s garden to get two more thumbs for this.


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