Random Record Review(s) – Fireworks, Boomsnake



We Are Everywhere EP

Run For Cover (2006)

Holy shit, someone call 911.  I think I got the diabeetus from listening to this band.  Long story short, I was supposed to go see Set Your Goals once, couldn’t get to it, Fireworks were one of the supporting acts, and that’s how I discovered them and found this online (don’t ask, I got the hook-up, yo…OK, that’s a lie).  Super-sweet and super-upbeat, a short and sweet blast of New Found Glory-like hardcore-amped pop punk, all about girls and late nights and road trips.  If I had any sense of shame and “scene” dignity, I’d say this sort of stuff is a guilty pleasure, but I have no shame, so yeah, I’m a fan because sometimes you just gotta break away from the rage of harder stuff and the almost-cliched cynicism of bands who listen to lots of Johnny Cash and Dillinger Four.  Fireworks totally remind me of Broadway Calls in terms of being a no-frills pop-punk band, which I really like.  They’re recording a new record I think, and there’s an EP or 7-inch out as well, but you should still check this little gem out.




Give And Take

Gnome Records (2008 )

I never understood why people make quiet music.  Like, literally quiet.  To me, music’s always been about singing emotions and screaming out what you want to say, even if the only backing sound is a single guitar.  You don’t have to be Youth Of Today, but put a little bit of energy into it!  That’s the first thing that comes to mind here with this band.  Boomsnake need a kick in the nads and an amp that goes up to 11, because this is incredibly quiet and almost feather-lite, really-high-voiced, acoustic-driven, indie music, with strains of a full band occasionally coming through.  Anyway, it’s melodic and they do try to mix it up a bit, but this just really isn’t my thing.  To be honest with a name as cool as Boomsnake I was expecting more, I know that’s lame but whatever, I’m easily distracted like that.  Give And Take‘s getting a CD re-release in April, so if you’re into this sort of stuff, pick it up then.


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