Guess what, assholes?



Tess and I are going to be there Saturday, as she rolls her eyes at me and I wander and drool and try to get my Local hardcover signed by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly.

I’d totally had a plan to get a press pass and be all professional for the whole weekend, but alas that didn’t happen, so the best I can do is waste a lot of money on books and other knick-knacks.  Which is just as cool, which means I don’t have to “work” per se, I can just enjoy myself and wander around, my head in the clouds and surrounded by the auras of my idols and other nerds.

So yeah, I’m going to a con that’s way cooler than San Diego, so suck it, rest of the world.  Me and my cool girlfriend are kicking ass, taking names, and generally just being awesome at life.




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