New York Comic Con 2009, 2/7/2009 – the troops report

So I went to day 2 of the New York Comic Con 2009 yesterday, with no real plans outside of getting something signed and wandering around.  I’d sort of initially planned on trying to get a press pass to do a weekend report for someone, but that didn’t happen unfortunately.  It’s ok, I’d planned on going for one day regardless after I heard about the names that were gonna be there, figured it’d be a good wayto spend a day looking at books and costumes and maybe get a look at exclusive upcoming stuff.

First off, having never been to a big con before like this, as opposed to something like the MoCCA festival, the scope of it was much bigger. I don’t think there’s anything like a comic book convention in terms of crowds, not necessarily the costume-wearing but the crowds that are stationary at tables, sweeping for books and figurines and posters and free shit in general as well a signatures and pictures.

I got to see Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly and get them to sign my Local hardcover, we saw Garth Ennis and James Robinson, and even got to see the first 45 minutes of Pixar’s upcoming film Up, which was both quite touching and really funny.  Had to turn in my phone and camera to see Up, they were pretty strict about that actually, we saw someone get pulled for hanging onto their cameras inside before the screening started.   If you remember me mentioning my bizarre fascination with the Queens Public Access TV show Sci-Fi Ninja Theater, we saw Vinnie there and Tess and I were almost in awe seeing him in person.  Wandering around we came across, and I shit you not, the lightsaber combat displays and even though I will admit to being a bit a Star Wars fan, it was sort of fucking funny to see.

I didn’t really pick up a lot of books like I’d wanted to but to be honest there was so many different stuff going on and such an abundance of obnoxious kids crowding everywhere, just trying to browse was impossible.  Plus, I didn’t really have anything in mind that I couldn’t find anywhere else like online or from a shop.

If I have one major complaint about my experience at the con it would be that it’s just almost too big.  The complaints that I heard about San Diego seemed to be happening here in New York, with so much going on from both the conventional comic book industry as well as exterior fringe stuff like the film stuff, the horror tagalongs, the toy guys, that just finding tables from companies for me to be able to just browse books.

I know Avatar and Oni were there, I know DC and Marvel had stuff for sale there, I know Midtown Comics and Forbidden Planet were there, but the map/guide you got was essentially impossible for me to decifer (I might be a bit of an idiot though) so it was almost useless, though the previews of The Flash: Rebirth and Detective Comics (which is going to lead into a new Batwoman series) were sweet.  But my goal of being able to see a mix of mainstream and indie companies and get a scattering of books was almost impossible.  Whatever, it wasn’t too bad.

Anyway, it was fun.  Tiring as hell but definitely fun, just seeing the madness was a bit of a treat.  I’ll definitely think about going next year and have a more definite battle plan, maybe even bring a cattle prod and pepper spray so I can get through the crowds.  Seeing the madness for trying to get into panels though…yeah, I’m gonna steer clear of those mostly likely.


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