Random Record Review – Hellmouth, “Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing”



Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing

Ferret (2009)

There is no hope, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is nothing left except a brutal finish at the business end of a cricket bat.  Not a bad way to live your life, if I do say so myself.  Anyone want to hop over to the Winchester for a drink?

First off, yes, Hellmouth is vocalist Jason Navarro’s post-Suicide Machines band.  Let me assure you though, or maybe it’s warn you, that this band is almost nothing like the Suicide Machines.  They’re fucking relentless in unleashing a storm of straight-up hardcore and metal-influenced tunes more in the vein of Slayer and Municipal Waste than Operation Ivy, with almost no time to breathe in between songs.

Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing is like being in a fight where everything became a blur and you don’t remember what happened.  But you do know that at one point you managed to grab a brick, and made it out alive and with blood on your knuckles and the the rush of adrenaline still going.  Listen at your own goddamn peril.


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