chances of survival

I’m almost done re-reading William Gibson’s Spook Country for the fourth time (I think). My brother got it for me for Christmas a few years ago after hearing me babble about how much I love Neuromancer and how I’m gonna write a brilliant MA thesis on Gibson and blow academia away.


Well we all know how that’s turning out.  Regardless…great book.  Probably the best spy book ever, out-trumps that Bourne shit any day.

I’m watching Survivorman, sort of bummed that it’s not gonna be on anymore, at least no new episodes. I really dig this show, something about watching a fuzzy Canadian who advocates always carrying fire and a Leatherman and once worked for Much Music surviving in the wild on bugs and grass that I love to watch.

Recent purchases:

media-1192729993-2576One of my favorite bands.

stripesOne of my favorite movies.


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