When the forest attacks

I re-watched Kurosawa’s Throne Of Blood last night.

throne_of_bloodI’ve forgotten how maginificently silent the whole freaking thing is. And reading a bit on it and the references to Noh theater and the connection that seem to be made to theater in general…man I love this movie so much.  Every moment and movement, with minimal sound except for furious drumming and occasional trumpeting, is just magnificent.  I remember when I first started really watching samurai movies, I jumped into the deep end with 7 Samurai, another Kurosawa joint with Mifune.  And as I watched more and more over time even after I discovered this, Throne Of Blood, a piece of cinematic cinemaland drawing on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, stuck with me.  I still consider it, to this day, one of my favorite films of all time.  The ending itself is enough to make you go “what the hell-ass?”


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