Random Record Review- Living With Lions, “Dude Manor” EP


Living With Lions

Dude Manor EP

Adeline Records (2009)

You sort of get a sense of what you’re getting into when the title of the record is Dude Manor Living With Lions are definitely not ashamed to be following in the steps of posi-soaked, sing-a-long songs about girls, friends, sitting in your room listening to records, stuff like that.  I totally have a bit of a soft spot for melodic hardcore-influence punk like this, which isn’t totally original but is still some good clean fun and to be honest, originality is a bit overrated sometimes.  Still, this isn’t perfect and it’s a little ambitious, though “A Noisy Noise Annoys The Boys”, the last song on the EP, is a really great tune that I’ve specifically listened to over and over a more than a few times.  Anyway, I’d recommend it, I get the feeling this isn’t the last gasp from LWL, they’ve got a lot of potential.


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