Random Record Review – Merit, “Arson Is For Lovers”



Arson Is For Lovers

self-releasd/Aux Management (2009)

Arson Is For Lovers, the full-length from Merit, is energetic and melodic, reminding me a bit of the punk/indie/pop mix that bands like Nakatomi Plaza are doing.  It’s a touch of artsy, a touch of down-n-dirty DIY, and a touch of honesty that makes this a pretty enjoyable record though it’s not something I immediately identify with and I get the feeling this is the type of record that takes a couple of listenings to fully get into.  While it’s not really something that’d end up in my top 10 of the years necessarily, I enjoyed it, a break of something different from my usual fare but at the same time, survived my ultimate musical crucible of being a morning commute to work soundtrack on the subway.  If I can enjoy an album on the train like that in the morning on coming home at night, then I know for sure that it’s got potential.  And Arson Is For Lovers definitely survived that ride.


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