Hidin’ In The Stack…

Remember when I got lazy and just talked about bands that keep emailing me and sending me records, as opposed to doing actual band spotlights and record reviews?  No?  Too bad, I do.

I don’t know how it happened but my girlfriend and I discovered Imperial China on the internet one night like two months ago, and then spent like three hours thinking they’re the greatest band ever.  imperialchinaI still think they’re awesome, it’s sort of like if Fugazi (who rule) listened to lots of electronica, had no vocals at all, and incorporated those two elements into Fugazi, and shaved one member and like 20 years off their age.  Or something like that.  Anyway, they’re really good and like Fugazi, who I’ve mentioned alot right now because they’re a standard everyone should strive for, Imperial China are from Washington DC.  Or, as some of my Dischord Records releases say on them, harDCore.  Also, as this picture illustrates, they’re motherfuckin’ ninjas.  My love of the 80’s Dischord scene does sort of make me predisposed to like bands from there, but hey, fuck you, it’s a legimitate prejudice if we’re going to be talking about music.

So really recently a band decided I was important enough to be their E-friend.  They’re from California, but sound like they’re the Cro-Mags.  Who are not from California, they were from New York City.  They are called Plead The Fifth and I feel a little bad liking them, because I’m kind of emo and not supposed to dig this macho hardcore shit.  I can’t really help it sometimes though, sometimes I just get the urge to be all brutal and heavy and shit, and maybe beat someone up for not having the right haircut or not being straightedge or being down with my imaginary friends that constitute my crew.  Hey, did you just make a joke?  YOU CAN’T MAKE JOKES IN HARDCORE, MUSIC IS SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS!  Also, for some reason on their Myspace page they describe themselves as “crunk”, which is really sort of fucking annoying, and even though I’m not the only one who thinks that, it’s OK, I’ll allow it for now.

days-i-am-loveThis band called Days have it so you can hear their whole record, I Am Love, at Punknews.org.  It’s a pretty awesome hardcore record, they go all over from a really soft and melodic opening to sounding like fucking Bane.  But it’s really good.  Days are from DC too.  Seriously, this wasn’t meant to be themed, I swear.  Anyway, I think they have a cool and pretty unique name, at least it’s not Rot In Hell (a real band) or Between The Buried And Me (also real) or We’re Really Fucking Tough (probably not real, but in punk rock you never know).

I have no real way to explain how more people don’t know about End Of A Year, so I’m just gonna rationalize by saying “it was communists”.  Because any band that’s done a split with Shook Ones can’t suck.  Hopefully, a recent signing to Deathwish Inc. (I know, weird, right? Well, it is if you’ve heard this band) will get them some more coverage.

You need to be listening to this band.  Like, seriously.  How can you not love a band whose primary focuses in life are thrashing, both musically as well as on the streets?  54916573_lCommon Enemy somehow ended up on my radar and I’ve sort of had a small obsession with how they remind me of when I was younger, but at the same time they don’t sound like Bad Religion, which is basically all I listened to when I was like 16.  Not that BR are terrible, but they totally get pigeonholed as a “skater band”…OK, that was a tangent that didn’t make sense.  Anyway, Common Enemy are incredible, and the fact that they remind me of Carpenter Ant doesn’t hurt either.  Hardcore punk for skateheads and old skateheads like me?  How can you hate on that?

So yeah, that should clear out the list of people on my Myspace friends list who I think are actually deserving of praise, as well as give me an excuse to throw out a bunch of Post-Its attached to my desk that just have lists of band names that I tell myself I wanna write about.  Insulted and slighted?  Sorry, mom taught me not to care about the feelings of others, and besides, this is punk rock, and there’s no complaining about hurt feelings in punk rock!


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2 Responses to Hidin’ In The Stack…

  1. Russell says:

    That Imperial China is pretty fucking cool. Thanks for the heads up.

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