Dream in static, and hold the ketchup

There are days when I really think I read too much.

I’ve decided to re-read the Sprawl trilogy backwards, as I actually make progress in writing ON it, I figure it’s time to just brush up on certain specifics. Among other things as I’m about halfway through Mona Lisa Smile, which I’m deciding might be my favorite of the three, I realize a few things, one of which, being sort of weird as I think of it, is that I’d like to know more about Petal, because I really think he’s the character mold that I enjoy as consistent protagonist or sidekick.  Despite his small role and zero impact, at least for the most part, I just like him and can imagine him quite easily in my head when I visualize the story I read.  Probably moreso than Molly or anyone else.  I don’t know why, sort of just seems weird to me to feel like that about such a significantly insignificant character whose sole defining traits are a pair of glasses, ragged gloves, and a weird name.

I finally figured it out.  I figured out why the British are always funny.

I got A Bit Of Fry And Laurie: The Complete Collection, Every Bit Of It DVD collection recently and have sort of been watching the shit out of it.  At one point in one skit, Stephen Fry eats corn flakes and milk with a knife and fork.  And it is, to me, really fucking hilarious.  I can’t quite explain why, but it just is.  It’s completely nonsensical and just a little background thing going on while Fry talks, not highlighted at all and has no basis in pop culture (the show’s like 20 years old) or some sort of popular political or internet in-joke, it’s just ridiculousness for the sake of being ridiculous.  And embracing that, stuff that can totally stand by itself without necessarily needing a reference, that is fucking funny.


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