Random Record Review – Blake Miller, “Burn Tape”


Blake Miller

Burn Tape

Exit Stencil (2009)

I’m sort of surprised I liked this as much as I did.  It sure as hell isn’t a sibling project to Mouthpiece or Refused, that’s for sure.

Burn Tape, the new full-length from Blake Miller, got surreptitiously emailed to me and I almost just automatically deleted it thinking it’s spam by accident, since that’s how I roll. But I’m glad I took a second look at the email.  A quiet but broad-spanning pop record, Burn Tape manages to walk that fine line between understated and just limp, something that not all projects in the vein of acoustic/folk/pop/country manage to do.  There’s a nice energy to this.  While it’s not something I’d listen to on a regular basis, it was definitely a great break in my normal barrage of punk, hardcore, and metal.

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