Death of panic

As I sit and sift and update my music collection on my computer, updating details and artwork, I realize there are some albums on there that I haven’t listened to in a while. Just like the aforementioned Trial By Fire record, they’re phenomenal, and when I do listen to them I love them and they totally get me pumped about everything in general, but for some reason they just don’t come up that often anymore. I don’t know why.

reneeheartfeltalbumartI don’t remember how I got into Renee Heartfelt or Tragedy, I just know that at certain points, I just was.  They were bands that ruled and that I absolutely had to get my hands on their records.  I don’t even remember HOW I got Death Of The Ghost, if I got in in stores or off the World Wide Web.  Probably the internet, but I’m not totally sure beacause RH have just been in my musical consciousness for so long.  But members of some great hardcore bands just ended up together and creating a fantastic post-hardcore band that totally reminds you of Texas Is The Reason and Rival Schools maybe even Jawbox.  I didn’t get into them until after they’d broken up, and from what I can tell they didn’t exactly have a HUGE impact, but I definitely got the feeling that it was a project about love of music, not about being “big in the scene”.  Pete from RH went onto form Memorial, who do sort of the same thing and are fantastic, but there’s something about this record, which I’ll always keep close to my heart.  Just the best parts of emotion and energy and melody, it’s the shit.

I know that Tragedy are like hot shit, with no small part of that being that besides a brutal sound and what I assume is a brutal live show, they have in this day and age practically NO online presence at all.  No blog, no Tumblr, no Myspace, no  They just do what they want to do, which is make incredibly heavy and fast music.  tragedynrvedmgealbum Listening to Nerve Damage is like listening to a really good horror movie stab you in the ears, and you automatically like it.  You can definitely hear their influence in bands like From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone, and They And The Children, bringing the heaviness of metal and the ambience of post-hardcore to punk rock.  The thing is though about Nerve Damage and Tragedy in general is that it and they are almost “cult” even within punk/hardcore.  When you know about them, you like them.  But even if you might like that sound, there is a chance you haven’t necessarily heard of them.  Which is a shame.  Being the big internet nerd that I am, I heard the name and managed to get it, and I totally get it.  I get why fans of this band love them, and why they love them at the level of intensity that they do.

So yeah…once again, I really don’t have a point here, I just like pointing people in interesting directions musicwise, and highlighting stuff in my personal collection that I think deserves notice.  Because let’s face it, your taste usually sucks.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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One Response to Death of panic

  1. hardc-fan says:

    found the Renee Heartfelt torrent here:
    I haven’t finished downloading it yet so dont know if it has errors but I’ll see how it goes

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