Random Record Review – Adam Hill, “Them Dirty Roads”


Adam Hill

Them Dirty Roads

self-released (2009)

Adam Hill is a folk-oriented singer/songwriter from Bellingham, Washington.adamhill Adam’s a nice guy who wrote to me and asked me to check him out, which I did.  Then he sent me a copy of his CD.   It sounds almost corny, like the faux-country soundtrack to a TV show featuring a country singer, but at the same time there’s an upbeat honesty to his sound, a tip of the metaphorically sonic hat to classic Americana sounds with just a touch of a rock ‘n roll melody.  Them Dirty Roads sounds not so much like a record as it does a jam session or a compilation of practice tape songs, but I like it.  Before tapering off at the end with the instrumental “coda”, the album peaks with the surprisingly heartfelt and beautiful  “Ribbons And Curls” right before it, which the best non-country country song I’ve ever heard.  I’m curious to see how far Adam goes, and I hope it’s pretty far because in my honest opinion, he totally deserves good things that come his way.


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