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So I just finished Reading Dance Of Days: Two Decades Of Punk In The Nation’s Capital, by Mark Anderson and Mark Jenkins.  It’s an interesting history compiled by two insiders, a bit different from other “glory days” histories (American Hardcore and Stephen Blush, I’m lookin’ at you).  It focuses on what’s more or less exclusively  the Washington DC punk and hardcore timeline, from the early days of White Boy to Fugazi’s massive show with Positive Force for the homeless and against the US invasion of Iraq steps from the White House and the US Capital Building. Also reveals some interesting stuff that I really didn’t know about some of my favorite bands, like what happened to Scream and the Bad Brains towards the end.

It’s not perfect though, which is sort of sad because this totally could have been a fantastic book, I picked up stuff and stories and insights that were awesome about the bands that I love.  But Anderson’s mini-breakaways in the middle of pages to talk about more directly personal stuff just didn’t seem relevant at all, and the final few chapters and afterword were more of the same.

No offense dude, but if you wanna write a book about you and Positive Force, write a book about you and your life and Positive Force.  Because to me it seemed to not lessen, but dilute and distract the overall themes of Dance Of Days as an intimate history of DC punk and hardcore.  I am interested in the history of Positive Force but personally, I just think that’s a story that can be told in another book as opposed to interweaving it into this one. Or at the very least, not interweaving it as well as I think it could be.

Whatever, it’s just my one little thing about this, I mean otherwise this is a great book, got some great pictures in it too and made me dig my Scream albums and my 20 Years Of Dischord box set up.


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  1. kingleor says:

    But you have to give a hand to Mark Jenkins… if it weren’t for him, it might have been (from the sound of the forward), a really uneven account of punk with a blurry focus on Positive Force… still, a majority of the PF narrative is relegated to sidebars towards the later part of the book, so if you want to pay attention to the musical-focus of the book, the flow isn’t interrupted…

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