sold my soul but not for rock ‘n roll

God, I feel real disgusting having done this, but in my efforts to not necessarily network myself but rather to be able to expand a mostly-outward flow of stuff from friends, interesting articles, and my own stuff…

I sold my soul and struggled for like a half hour, and I now am available on Twitter.

I’ve always been very critical of Twitter,  and I still think that it’s mostly bullshit in terms of being viewed as a social networking tool.  However, I do think that as a media information dissemination tool and branch of the new “era” of journalism, it can be an effective tool.  If I want to keep in touch with friends, I have six thousand fucking other ways to do it.  If I want to help become part of what I’m seeing as an ever-growing network of alternative writing and reporting outlets, a reaction to conventional media.

Believe it or not, who gives a shit what you think.   Also, it’s the best way to spy on Adam Savage and Charlie Brooker.

So if you want to hoot and call me a fucking hypocrite, please, by all means.  Go ahead.  We’ll see how this goes.


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