Random Record Review – The Reptilian, “Boy’s Life” EP


The Reptilian

Boy’s Life EP

Count Your Lucky Stars (2009)

Now normally I prefer “Predator” to the “Alien” franchise, but the Alien-themed song titles of this sweet little slice of punk/prog/post-hardcore might sway me over to the other side.  Anyway, The Reptilian are really good, a very tight and precise unit that manages to both sum up raw intensity as well as just incredible precision at the same time.  The press release mentions “math-rock” I think but I don’t really hear it, if anything all I hear is tight musicianship backing up frantic and passionate music that is both ambient and energetic.  Adding another layer to this ridiculous-sounding descrpition that’s the only way to sum up this very cool EP is that it doesn’t sound like someone just doing Botch songs.  So there, wrap your brain around that shit.  If you get a chance, get your hands on the Boy’s Life EP.  If reading this review didn’t give you a headache, that is.  Then, lay down for a bit and drink a glass of water first.


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