Falling off of the stack

What, another one of these already?

Oh yeah.  I’m serious people, I just get emails and Myspace friends requests from a lot of bands, and I sort of feel bad that I know a part of them adding me is because I say on Myspace and my site that I write about music and people should send me shit.  Good lord, what have I gotten myself into?!  I can hear them at the windows, pawing to get in, moaning, groaning for the taste of human flesh as I fumble to load the shotgun with the last four shells, knowing I need to save one for myse…oh wait, that’s zombies.  Never mind.

So I waver between “this is pretty awesome” and “totally fucking burned out” when it comes to the whole “punk guys who want to be folk/country singers” weekendsthing, so it depends on my mood and time of day when I listen to it.  However, I sorta like Weekends, which is a solo project from someone from a band that I can’t remember or find the name of.  It doesn’t matter too much though because this does actually stand on its own quite well.  It reminds me of Sundowner, which I really love, because of the way that it’s not necessarily a conventional attempt at country music or whatever like Saw Wheel, but rather plays around with it, something you need to do because let’s face it, country is the new skatepunk.

I’ve written about Worn In Red before, I reviewed their split 7-inch with Benard a while back for Late Night Wallflower.  Still, I don’t think I’ve mentioned them again since then, and they do warrant mention in general because I liked that split a lot and they’re a thrashin’ and bitchin’ band.  They were in NY at one point in the past month or so, but I had something to do that night.  You should get the split with Benard, it’s awesome.  Especially if you like bands like Glass & Ashes, Black Cross, Dear Tonight, stuff like that.

OK, so No Friends has members of New Mexican Disaster Squad and Municipal Waste in the line-up, so theoretically that’s all that’d need to be said about this band.  nofriendsHoweer, I’m sure that the rest of my cronies in the blogosphere will be all like “that’s a stupid description, who the hell are NMDS?”  Then I’ll just shake my head, wish swine flu on you, and then just go put some fuck-shit-up-at-maximum-speed stylin’ on the stereo for you to listen to as I pound a lead pipe into your forehead.  It’s good shit, just trust me on this, ok?  I mean I like expanding my music horizons but sometimes, you just get in one of those moods where all you want to do is destroy everything and need a soundtrack to do it, and who else can do that better than guys who live and breath old-fashioned thrash/punk/hardcore?

Vicious Cycle are e-friends with my on Twitter of all things, and totally fucking remind me of Nerve Agents, 7 Seconds, Count Me Out, stuff like that.  Very cool.  Also, they’re Canadian and I always feel a little uplifted to hear badass music coming from our Northern brothers.  Canada has a great history on its own of putting out incredible music (and no, I’m not talking about Gob), especially in punk rock and the like, it’s good to hear people still keeping it up.

lordbyfire7-inchI got sent the Lord By Fire self-titled 7-inch from Forcefield Records, promised much metal and brutality all-round.  They were right about the metal, I’m definitely reminded of old-fashioned doom or black or whatever metal, sort of in the vein of a lot of Relapse Records bands, which was what  I used in the past year or so to ease myself back into listening to metal after years of being on the “punk” side of the skate rats versus metalheads feud.  The band’s name brings to mind High On Fire, who I like, and the sound is also a little reminiscent of newer Mastadon and Kylesea also, which isn’t necessarily bad.  The thrash/hardcore influence that I like in my metal personally (Unsane, anyone?  No?) isn’t really in here that much, but that’s OK, sometimes all you wanna do is just let your hair down, put on your denims, and pretend you were the first on your block to discover Children Of Bodom.


I know I’ve mentioned our next contestants, Jumpercable, before but it’s been a little while quite honestly, I think they deserve the attention because I went back and listened to their record again after a while, as well as some new songs, so whatever.  Check them out, they sound like another band I like, Lighten Up!, or if you need a better reference of sound, Gorilla Biscuits meets the Descendents meets Circle Jerks.  And while it’s probably not the most original sound per se, but compared to all the shitty bands that I used to hear and the terrible trends in music, guys bringing back straight-up fast and furious hardcore punk with no frills, no “breakdowns”, and no jockeying for scene points, it’s something to definitely embrace.

So once again here we are.  I spew forth bands that confide their hopes and dreams of getting legitimate indie press to me in a sort of poorly-defined combination of record reviews, band spotlights, and me cleaning out my inbox.  I’m pretty sure this is just the tip of the current iceberg parked in my email and that I’ll instantly remember like 6 other bands the instant I click “PUBLISH”, but we’ll see.


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