Random Record Review(s) – Only Thieves, The Cold Beat


Only Thieves

Greetings From Levy Park, T.L.H.

self-released (2009)

A little dirty rock ‘n roll-sounding, a little poppy, a little indie.  That’s probably the best way to describe Greetings From Levy Park, TLH from this Floridian three-piece, Only Thieves.  It’s not rocket science in hardcore punk form or a musical reinvention of the wheel, but it’s good, a solid slice of music that keeps its energy going from beginning to end.  The only thing I want to know is, what does T.L.H. stand for?



The Cold Beat

Dumbwaiter EP

self-released (2009)

The Cold Beat sort of remind me a lot of the Replacements at the peak of their career, drawing very much on a classic-rock sound combined with pop songwriting and melancholy vocals that are actually sort of better than the Replacements.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the Replacements so much in a single paragraph ever.  It’s sort of refreshing to just hear a rock record that doesn’t totally suck or sound like it was crafted to play in the background of a ATV commercial.  Anyway, Dumbwaiter isn’t bad, it’s short enough that the sound doesn’t get old, and the passion for music is evident in the music, which is what really counts.


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